Following a successful career in Nonprofit Management and Education Raul Espericueta is presently the founder of Santa Fe Advisors, an independent consulting firm serving Catholic Institutions, including Universities and schools.  His professional experience includes Chief Executive positions in International Health and Development and Latino oriented nonprofits. He is also co-founder of three charter schools, two of which are part of one the country’s most successful charter schools network presently educating over 30,000 students.

As a Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholar Raul was recognized for his outstanding achievement in Program and Administration in the field of Social Work.  His postgraduate work in Seville, Spain included a specialization in Family Studies, Clinical Practice, and Psychology.  Upon completion of the Ambassadorial experience Raul began his professional career in nonprofit management and as professor at Arizona State University in the School of Social Work.  During his 25 years tenure in leadership positions he was sought out for additional  consultancies in varied sectors including: philanthropy, child welfare, pastoral planning, nonprofit management, criminal justice, and education.

Raul currently serves US based national Catholic ministries and international Catholic organizations in Central and South  America.  His work focuses on organizational principles that promote the dignity of the human person and human flourishing.