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Fulfilling your mission can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Running a non-profit can also demand as much bandwidth as serving your community, or more. Non-profit leaders and managers need consistent operational support in many areas, such as:

●    Strategic Planning
●    Succession Planning
●    Program Development
●    Debt Restructuring 
●    Preparing for a capital campaign

SJDI works with community-based and faith-based non-profits to leverage their strengths as tools for growth. By increasing the capacity of our clients’ organizations, while addressing any challenges they encounter, we allow non-profit directors and managers to focus on their goals and communities. 

Our experience in business, community development, and non-profit management helps organizations to better fulfill their missions. We love our work – and we serve clients who align with our own mission of serving others for the common good. 

Each organization is unique, so our services are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


Here’s how we can help:


We listen to your needs and customize our services to address your specific situation. There is no “one-size-fits-all.”


We create comprehensive solutions that cover all areas of operation and all aspects of your mission. 



We develop action plans so these solutions will have long-term viability and community impact that you can accurately measure via benchmarks tailored to your organization. 

We demonstrate professional excellence at every level, building relationships and accompanying organizations through transition, growth, gift acquisition, or product development.


We provide you with a clear path to project execution and support along the way.


We leverage existing relationships to help you work more effectively with government, business leaders, and/or other nonprofits.


Our long-range vision is to advance the overall health of Latino-run and Latino-serving non-profits and businesses in the United States. We work with foundations, large Latino development organizations, state agencies and lenders to achieve this goal on a national level.


we serve

We proudly serve a broad range of faith-based and community-based organizations as well as small businesses. Some of our most frequent clients include:

✔ Community Development Organizations
✔ Social Service Organizations
✔ Religious Charities
✔ Dioceses
✔ Apostolates
✔ Schools
✔ Universities
✔ Churches
✔ Small Businesses

our legacy




We have identified and work alongside organizations that value the following community development principles:

∙ Dignity of the Human Person
∙ Centrality of the Family
∙ Organizational Accountability
∙ Solidarity & Subsidiarity
∙ Actively Serving a Real Need

∙ Investing Locally
∙ Respecting The
Common Good
∙ Accompaniment

∙ Partnerships

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