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nonprofits and small businesses



SJDI’s guild of operational support professionals provide customized services that help your organization better fulfill its mission. We have experience meeting the needs of faith-based nonprofits and community-based organizations, as well as foundations and small businesses.

We offer help for nonprofit organizations and small businesses with a broad range of services:

✔ Organizational Assessment 

We outline your opportunities for improvement

✔ Strategic Planning

We map out a path for you to reach your goals

✔ Project/Program Development

We help ensure that you have the tools, structure, and resources you need


✔ Board Development

We help you to develop a board that can sustain your mission.

✔ Board Governance

We help you develop a strong and supportive board.

✔ Financial Diagnostics & Forecasting

We ensure your financials are accurate and on-target.

✔ Debt Financing/Restructuring

We help you find solutions to difficult financial situations.

✔ Leadership Mentoring

We provide the formation and mentorship needed to develop strong leaders.

✔ Staff Training
We facilitate training to ensure everyone is on board and equipped for their role.

✔ Change Management

Change can be tricky. We help you simplify its pressures and use change as an opportunity for growth.

✔ Succession Planning
We help you ensure your nonprofit organization is never left questioning what’s next.

✔ Large Gift Acquisition

We help you manage the complexities that arise when receiving large gifts or donations.

✔ Property/Real Estate-Facility

Evaluation and Repurposing

We help you assess the viability and impact of real estate projects.

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“As an Executive Director, I know I need an outside perspective to really gauge the operations and effectiveness of Fraternus, but there are so many voices that getting trustworthy help can be overwhelming.  Everyone has advice to give you (and consulting contracts to sign) but finding someone who really understands your mission and methods sometimes seems hopeless.  SJDI was just what we needed.  Almost two years out from their original assessment, I can see that their efforts and guidance has helped us reshape our efforts so that we know that the effectiveness of the mission is on par with our zeal for it.  We would not be there without SJDI.” 

Jason Craig

Executive Director, Fraternus USA



SJDI supports a large group of diverse, faith-based nonprofits who serve the community in accord with their faith tradition. Motivated by religious principles and often within long-standing institutions, these nonprofits serve the poor, educate students, and promote a just and equitable society.  

We understand the unique needs of faith-based nonprofits and the institutions and traditions they serve within. We proudly assist large and small Dioceses’ Catholic Schools (especially those serving lower-income families), religious orders, and youth and young adult ministries.

Faith-Based Non-Profits


SJDI serves community-based nonprofits across the United States who creatively address the social needs of their communities. Motivated by civic principles and specific causes, community-based nonprofits serve the common good by filling gaps or complementing municipal services.

We have experience with large, complex, social-serving organizations addressing multiple social issues, as well as small organizations who focus on single issues such as education, immigration, affordable housing, job training, and small business development. 

Community-Based Non-Profits


SJDI assists foundations in selecting and vetting worthy grant recipients. We also help recipients strengthen their operations and strategic orientation in preparation for and execution of the foundation’s grant.

We understand the complexities of managing philanthropic funds and using them for transformational change in the community. 



SJDI works with foundations and community partners to assist small businesses in becoming more profitable and ultimately more sustainable and resilient.

When shutdowns disproportionately impacted Latino business owners during the early days of the pandemic, we teamed up with Raza Development Fund and VeraCruz Advisory to meet this urgent need. Together, we provided seminars and assistance for businesses to access PPP loans and EIDL funds.

Small Businesses
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