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The Landscape of Education

Educational Choice



San Juan Diego Institute's Arizona Achievement & Educational Choice Grant provides opportunities to serve students, empower parents, and allow community and civic leaders to create new innovative opportunities to support the educational outcomes of the children in their communities. The grant will be used over the next 3 years to enhance the educational landscape of the state and fully realize the potential of the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and ensure that it positively impacts lower-income and underprivileged families in sustainable and measurable ways.

More Information and Grant Application Portal Coming Soon

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“As an Executive Director, I know I need an outside perspective to really gauge the operations and effectiveness of Fraternus, but there are so many voices that getting trustworthy help can be overwhelming.  Everyone has advice to give you (and consulting contracts to sign) but finding someone who really understands your mission and methods sometimes seems hopeless.  SJDI was just what we needed.  Almost two years out from their original assessment, I can see that their efforts and guidance has helped us reshape our efforts so that we know that the effectiveness of the mission is on par with our zeal for it.  We would not be there without SJDI.” 

Jason Craig

Executive Director, Fraternus USA

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