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Take Ownership of your Child's Education

Parent Engagement

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Choose the Best School

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Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

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Know your options, 
take ownership of your child’s education.

Arizona is home to over 1.1 million students in Elementary and High School. These children represent a bright future for our state and country. Annually, Arizona taxpayers invest over $7.8 billion into education. Parents play a central role in their children’s education and Arizona families can choose from several options to educate their child.


Public District Schools

There are over 2000 elementary and public high schools in Arizona. Public District Schools or local neighborhood schools educate more than 874,000 students, and serve the needs of the local community. For many parents this is the usual choice. Learn more about how public schools work, how to advocate for your child, and how your public district school compares to others. (Link to Public District Page)

Public Charter Schools

There are over 700 charter elementary and high schools in Arizona educating over 230,000 students. Charter schools focus on a particular need and provide creative educational environments. Learn more about charter schools, and how charter schools are creatively serving students throughout Arizona. (Link to Public Charter Page)


Private School

There are over 470 private schools in Arizona serving more than 70,000 students. Private schools are independent and charge a tuition to attend. Private schools usually have smaller classes and higher academic outcomes. Parents can use Empowerment Scholarships or STO’s to pay for tuition and fees. (Link to Private School)

Home School

More and more parents are choosing to educate their own child and “home school.” While every homeschool looks a little different they all share in common that parents are providing or directing the learning for their children. Resources for homeschooling have grown, and thousands of families homeschool children throughout Arizona. Parents can use Empowerment Scholarships to pay for eligible education expenses. Learn more about homeschooling and if it’s a good fit for your family. (Link to Homeschool)



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