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Helping an International Non-Profit and Learning First-Hand The Universality of Good data and Proces

Case Study: SEM, Arequipa, Peru

Solidarity En Marcha (SEM) is a unique apostolate (and NGO) of the Sodalitium of Christian Life (SCV), a South American religious order, formed specifically to create collaborative partnerships (public and private) to impact unaddressed local and regional education, health and community needs. Their efforts in Peru’s Arequipa region, led by their consecrated brothers, are an example of a coordinated, regional strategy to help Andean Quechuans migrating to Arequipa’s outskirts to find work and acquire a titled property on which to build a better life for their families. A growing SEM sponsored school system serves as the social center of this new community where children begin to learn Spanish and receive a formal education.


Helping the SCV to grow its organizational infrastructure, local governance and fiscal models into a sustainable culture as its mission work expands - As the Sodalitium of Christian Life evolved so did the works, embedded with their charism, abound. An Apostolate directed toward the poor, education programming from early childhood to Universities, evangelistic efforts to renew culture and administration of parishes consumed the small number of lay men and priests responsible for starting these efforts. Absent from the vast number of good works were logical governance models and organizational infrastructure to effectively manage and promote sustainability of the fruit of their charism. The Sodalitium of Christian Life received SJDI’s guidance and principled models of effective organization. Ongoing evaluation of different approaches to executing apostolic missions is transforming their works, resulting in intentional and strategic orientation to their call.

SJDI provided technical assistance to assist leaders and senior staff in decision making and ensuring that their process reflected and supported the culture of their organization.


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